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Notion Baby Tracker

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Notion Baby Tracker

Nikki Davidson
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As a busy, sleep-deprived parent, it's hard to manage all your child’s needs. The Notion Baby tracker manages the daily life of your little one and gives you some peace of mind.

The Notion Baby tracker helps provide a clearer image of your baby’s health. Understand your baby’s sleep patterns. Keep track of what foods you’ve introduced. Maintain a record of your child’s vaccination schedule and medications. Your pediatrician is sure to thank you!

This template also provides peace of mind for when you’re away. Share the daily log page with grandparents or babysitters. They’ll be able to update the sleep tracker at nap time, how well they ate, or just remind you to pick up more diapers.

As your child grows, so does the Notion Baby Tracker. Look back at milestones and memories. Track their height and weight. Or simply reminisce over photos.

Template allows you to track:

  • Feedings
  • Diaper Changes
  • Sleep Patterns
  • First Foods
  • Growth
  • Milestones
  • Memories
  • Medical Details
  • Vaccinations
  • ...And more!

This product is a collaboration of Automated Notion and How To Use Notion.

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